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Loans for women

Loans for women – can men also apply for them? The market of loan companies and payday loans has developed so much that it is really difficult to stand out from a newly developing financial institution with an interesting leitmotif, graphic design or way of doing business. Despite this, companies are still appearing with an interesting idea to reach the selected target group. In this case, we are talking about a solution that is loans for women. Read more about him!

Online loans for women

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According to the latest BIK reports, it is still men who dominate among borrowers. However, the group of women making financial commitments is growing. Therefore, it should not surprise us that some lenders direct their offer and marketing activities to this group. Standard loans are usually for a wide target audience. To obtain it, several basic conditions must be met.

We may wonder whether the fact that the lender directs the offer to women is tantamount to a lack of acceptance of applications from men? Well no! However, there is no doubt that the pink interface of the loan company’s website can scare off potential male clients. So what conditions must a borrower apply for loans for women?

Online loan terms

We repeat again. Contrary to appearances, the most important criterion when applying for loans for women is not being a female representative. In this offer, men can count on a positive decision, and the requirements are the same as for the standard offer. Although some parameters, such as age, may differ, but this situation applies not only to this offer. Loans are usually directed to a wide target group. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for financial support. However, in some companies, this threshold may be raised up to 25 years. Therefore, we must carefully read the rules for granting a loan on the lender’s website.

Another important condition is the obligation to have Polish citizenship and a valid ID card. In addition, you will also need to earn an income that will allow you to repay your liabilities smoothly. In addition, the lender will check our data in the debtors’ databases, and the final credit decision depends on whether it finds negative entries there. We must also mention the formal requirements, which include: correctly completed application, individual bank account, valid phone number and e-mail address.

Women as a target group

The target group to which the offers are directed allows the loan company to plan original marketing activities and adapt potential promotions to the expectations of a narrow audience. In a few cases we can find loan companies targeting their offer mainly to women. Customers can feel more appreciated thanks to precise products and messages tailored to the female gender. Finally, someone directed an offer that only goes to them and meets individual needs.

What do women take out loans for?

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What Poles spend borrowed money on is the subject of many industry research and reports. Among them, it is worth paying attention to the report commissioned by Lindorff SA, because we will find there a breakdown of goals by gender. Let’s look at the ladies’ answers first. The largest number of declarations was submitted for the household appliances variant (37%). Current expenses (35%) came second, which should not come as a surprise, because in many households it is women who have their finger on the pulse and manage the household budget. In the third place (33%) we will find a home or apartment renovation. Further items included electronic equipment and home furnishings. The fewest choices among both men and women were given to responses: holidays, shopping for clothes or cosmetics, and more.

However, we must note that women are much less likely to choose a car answer. Among female respondents, 16% chose this answer. In turn, among men 34% of respondents chose this variant. It is also surprising that men are more likely to borrow for current needs, although this goal is not at the first place in their choices.

Loans for women – ExtraPortfel

By going to the ExtraPortfel lender’s website, there is no doubt who this offer is for. Everything is in light green or pink. There is also space for items such as lipstick and clothes. In addition, icons representing clients or people on banners are primarily women. What is the ExtraPortfel women’s loan offer? The lender offers payday loans to its clients. When submitting the application, we must remember that this is a short-term commitment. Traditionally, in such cases the loan period is 30 days. However, ExtraPortfel guarantees its customers an extended repayment term of up to 45 days. Despite this, we should be aware that after this time we will be required to pay the money borrowed in the form of one transfer.

Loan for free in ExtraPortfel

If we are new clients of the company, we have certainly noticed the access to lower amounts of liabilities than in the case of regular borrowers. By submitting the application for the first time, we have the chance to receive financial support of up to PLN 3,000 for 45 days completely free! This means that the APRC (Actual Annual Interest Rate) is equal to 0%. In this way we get a guarantee that we will not incur any credit costs. We don’t have to worry about commission or interest. In turn, if we are regular customers, we get a chance for PLN 6,000. However, we must be aware of the costs we will incur.

Loans for women from KasaTak

KaskTak is one of the companies that developed the look of their website and product especially for women. The offer includes the first free loan of PLN 100-2,000 for free. The loan can be repaid in two dates, which we set ourselves according to our needs – 15 days or 30 days. The decision to grant a loan is obtained fairly quickly, because after 15 minutes the company’s consultants should contact us. KasaTak has prepared a special offer for regular customers. As part of subsequent loans, we are able to draw up to PLN 10,000. KasaTak brings together features such as speed, ease and convenience. The offer stands out from the rest. ‘